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When either of my girls takes a little tumble I usually hold my breath and my reaction for a moment to see how they will react. I wait to see if it is a "big girl, you're ok" tumble or the "come to mommy and let me see moment". Thankfully, we have only had one "oh my goodness, can you take us to the hospital moment".
People often comment on how tough the girls are, falling from a slide or tripping on the sidewalk with hardly a tear. I was always a tough little girl and I think of myself now as a strong woman. You don't go through childbirth with out earning your tough badge. Most of the time this is one of my personal traits that I am most proud of. I know that my strength has helped me to be a better sister, daughter and wife.
Being a mother is being strong. There is no longer time for recharging your physical and mental strength. What once was plenty for one is now divided among 3. I now need the strength to prop up not just myself but also my two girls. But sometimes, I think I forget that you don't always have to be strong. Part of my job as a mother is to show my girls that it is okay to lean on others, to ask for someone else to carry the load for a little while. We all have little stumbles we take throughout our day and there is usually someone around to pat us on the back, a send us on our way. Sometimes even mommies need someone to call us over and take a look after we take a big tumble; someone to have the strength to carry us if just for a little while.

Thanks to all of you that carry me from time to time.

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Catching A Tumble

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mandaroo63 said...

Good catch momma! I'll bet you felt that jump in your stomach feeling that happens when they start to fall. Funny that you caught it on tape.

Waya said...

Oh man, my heart was in my throat again. We had an actual accident this weekend with our 5 y/o son Tyler which resulted in a trip to the ER. It wasn't fun, let me just tell ya. Yikes!!