Mary, Mary quite contrary....


how does your garden grow?

Here are some pictures of how the garden grows. We have also planted tomatoes, radish, carrots, broccoli, and a bunch of herbs. Maddie keeps picking green tomatoes and taking a bite. Last year they ate all the beans straight off the vines.

I think we may have a bumper crop of brussel sprouts but the corn is only 2 feet high and has tassels, that's not so good, right? Oh well, at least the girls can see a corn plant. We did harvest our first zucchini, yummy.

I also had this big idea to plant a "sunflower tunnel" for the girls but the bunnies kept eating the sunflowers so now all I have is two dirt patches in the middle of the lawn and a not too happy hubby.

Happy harvesting.


Brotherhood of the Bean said...

Great picture of that Zinnia! I love the colors.

Anonymous said...

Love the garden, I'll have to try brussel sprouts, we love them.
Our Mamouth, supposedly 8 feet tall, sunflowers were maybe 3 feet tall and we only had half of them to grow into flowers, so sad. Thought they would be easy!