Mama Says Om: Whimsy



When Annie was younger she had an Elmo doll that was her regular playmate. Often I would find Elmo dressed in a veil and wedding dress happily swinging in the baby swing or strapped into the baby carseat. I would call this Elmo's Adventures in Annie's World.
As Annie has grown she has brought new friends to play in Annie's World. I now discover little remnants of her whimsical play all over the house, a teddy bear wearing a tiara and wrapped in toilet paper, Little People perched precariously on the edge of the sink. These little leftovers always bring a smile. I am not usually allowed into Annie's World, it is a solitary activity.
I know when this whimsical play is going on because her voice changes. A sing-songy, high pitched voice replaces her usual robust one. She explains everything she is doing and both asks and answers the questions.
Naptime has given way to rest time and with it an hour or so of time for solitary imaginative play and the playmates have become little Polly Pockets, Littlest Pet Shops and other random bits and pieces she finds in her toy box. The magical, whimsical quality of the play has stayed the same and when I come upon these little scenes I often wonder what adventure they had been on.
I know that one day soon the visits to Annie's world will stop and so when I can I take pictures of these little vignettes. I want to remember that sweet little imaginary voice and be able to one day remind Annie that she led a childhood full of whimsy.




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Anonymous said...

Oh so SWEET! Napping with the Potato head family is priceless!

Colorsonmymind said...

what wonderful photos!

Waya said...

That is so adorable! Don't you just wish to be back to their little world again?!