Nelson Lake


I have been messing around here for the past hour trying to get this slideshow to show up. If you get a feed sorry for all the posts.

In the process I lost the nicely written original post. So here is the 12:30 in the morning, I have been wasting time for the last 2 hours post.

We went to see the pelicans, they weren't there. I decide to take a picture of the girls together. It took 23 tries. Aren't they cute.

If you can see this slideshow. Wahooo. If not click the link below to watch. I recommend you slide the bar to view each for 2 seconds not 5. I'm going to bed. Sometimes technology sucks the life out of ya!

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Anonymous said...

Weird, I was there too at about 11 am and I did not see the pelicans either. I took almost identical photos of the boys by the silo. I was starting to wonder if I was the brunt of an elaborate April Fool's day joke. I'm going to keep trying and I'll let you know if I see them. A man I met there said the pelicans were there all of April last year.

Anonymous said...

This is a great series. I love it when A swipes M's hat and then the cheese crackers and the dog and the goofy faces. Too cute!

It looks like maybe your entire photo album is in this slideshow though...