A Fairy Tea Party


A few weeks back we had Annie's birthday party. She requested a Fairy Tea Party. We had been talking about this party for months, but I just couldn't get it all pulled together until a few days before. The lucky guests that got invitations- 5 days before the party (opposed to a phone call - "Umm, would you like to come to Annie's Fairy Tea Party tomorrow.") were treated to a card that Annie and I collaborated on. Annie cut out this image with fancy scissors and glued it on lovely paper. Seriously, there are some great points to having a five year old, making invitations is one of them.


Annie had decided she was going to be the queen of all the fairies. Note regal way she holds her hands. the kids made wands from ribbon and dowel rods and we used pipe cleaners and fake flowers to make head wreaths. I spent a few nights before sewing skirts for Annie and Maddie-the rain boots were Maddie's own touch.

The Fairy Queen and her court

Fairies fairywands

Just a darn cute picture and Avery enjoying a fairy wand.


I drove through the neighborhood across the street to find some branches the kids could use to make fairy houses. (no fairies residing in them to date).


We had a fairy treasure hunt which led everyone to Grand Tea Banquet. The fairies dined on cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, jelly sandwiches and iced raspberry tea. (I love finding an occasion to use my silver pitcher!)


I tried to make these great cupcakes but it didn't really work out so well, they still tasted good and had Red Hots to boot.

We sent them home with homemade Make a Fairy Friend bags that included fake flowers, fabric scraps, wings and clothespins. The boys each got an airplane kit. The weather held up great and all the fairies got to slide down the fairy slip-n-slide and take a swing at the fairy butterfly pinata. I got make my little girl into a fairy queen and visit with lots a great friends.


Anonymous said...

That all looks like so much fun. I love the pretty pink table and the party favors especially.

Anonymous said...

Some of the darn cutest set of kiddios! Be proud of that party. The best times are never planned!

Anonymous said...

Next time you have a Fairy Friend Party, please send me an invite. I love tea parties and beverages from silver pitchers!!! What fun!! Janet

fictionita said...

ok. this is very DARRRLLLINNNGGG!!! i'm 23. do u think i'm too old to have a fairy tea party of my own?? tee-heeeee!