marytree looks for trees


Not sure if all of you are familiar with the site, here is there little blurb...
Etsy is an online marketplace for buying and
selling all things handmade: clothing, music, furniture, software, jewelry,

It's a great place to find some really unique items and buy them from the artisan/crafter. Being a crafter myself I am all for supporting the talent. I thought I would look around to see how much tree related stuff I could find and give ya'll some links. Enjoy.

Art and Paper goods
Love This and

these notecards are lovely

these are sweet

and these-not all trees but really great

more cuteness here and here.


here, here and here


here, here, here,

Other places with tree themed items..

This- I may need one of these

and this

and from One Good Bumblebee

this and this


Anonymous said...

LOVE the websites!!! I may be doing some online shopping! Keep 'em coming...

Melissa said...

We definitely have loads in common...I LOVE trees!

I already have the One Good Bumblebee 4 pink tree notepad and thought about getting the stationary set as well.

I LOVE belle & boo on too. I really want to purchase one of her drawings but I just can't decide which one yet.

I did purchase once from an etsy maker that you didn't list and you certainly need to see her jewelry because it's fantastic! Go to bibbidibaubles shop. I've purchased 3 pendants from her and she made me a 4th one as a thank you! She's terrific about custom orders as well. If you go to her sold page #75, the 4th one down on the left named "Plage de Juan.." is the first one I bought. EVERYONE comments about it when I where of the best purchases I have ever made.