Gim-Bahp with Mom-


Daddy aka Dancing Dan is guest blogging for the first time. Say hi and welcome him to the blogging world.-mary

Until I was about 12, I ate rice, seaweed, kim-chee, and Korean beef 3-4 times a week. I never could eat the pigs feet or squid ( I still get squirmy picturing the squid boiling in the pot). Recently, I learned my mom stopped cooking us Korean food because one of us was teased for the “smell”-things sure were different back in the late 70’s, early 80’s.

I have had a craving for some traditional Korean food for years; but I can't cook it, and my mom would never make it. One day, Mary brought home some sushi rolls from Dominick’s and I watched my Maddie and Annie wolf them down. (Annie proclaimed "I love seaweed") I decided to give it a whirl. How hard could it be? Turns out hard for me, but easy for Mom. When I told her what I was up too, She jumped at the chance to make Gim-Bahp with the girls.

As best I can remember: Gim-Bahp the Mom way:

4 cups Rice -no Uncle Bens, no instant -
1 cup Rice wine vinegar
Seaweed Sheets
4 or 5 Eggs
4 or 5 Carrots
Serrated Knife
Glass of warm water.

measure rice cleaning rice

1. Put in a pot, rinse with cold water until water runs clear.
2. Fill pot with cool water until it is twice as deep as rice. I.E. if rice is 2 inches deep water should be 4 inches
3. Bring to a rapid boil, Remove from heat, lid pot and let sit for 10 minutes. Then heat under a very low flame -lowest setting you have for about 10 minutes (rice may crust on bottom of pot. That’s ok) It will be sticky.
4. Let Rice cool to room temp.
5. Add rice wine vinegar and salt to taste.

Mixing rice

1. Heat non-stick pan untill HOT.
2. Add oil (cooking spray is good)
3. While pan is heating up, beat eggs with salt paper, parsley, etc…
4. Pour ½ egg mixture onto pan right after it’s oiled, twirl pan a bit and lid it until egg is cooked through. Omelet should slide right out of pan. Repeat with other ½.
5. Cool to room temp, roll and slice into ribbons.

1. Boil 'em and cut 'em into strips. Cool to room temp.

laying eggs

1. Place seaweed on mat.
2. Cover seaweed with Rice.
3 Lay a strip of carrots and egg across

rolling 2

4.Use the bamboo mat to roll her up very tightly.

cutting the rolls

5. Gently cut through about 1 inch of roll. Do not press down. Ideally you will not need to saw through.
6. Place blade in water and wipe. Repeat cut.

finished rolls

Eat em Up.
It made a lot (4-5 rolls)

My mom also made an inside out roll but I wasn’t paying attention. The girls had a blast. She also showed me how to cook the seaweed the way I remember it. (I call it the common way with oil and salt)

Thanks for the guest blog daddy.


mary said...

The Ghim-bahp was rocking good and seeing my hubby, his mom and the girls all working in the kitchen together made me so happy. I rarely get to just stand back and watch in my kitchen and this was really amazing. For the last 13 years I have avoided making my husband rice because I could never make it right, now I might give it a shot. I love you Dancing Dan.

Anonymous said...

Boil the rice for a couple of minutes (1-2) before killing the heat. Wow. Now I know why Mary is always looking to see if there are comments.

Anonymous said...

hey dan
this is an awesome blog, how fun for you and the girls and mom too. it's good for her to do this with all of her grandkids. that part of their heritage is sooo important. the pictures are incredible and the kim bap looks yummy. makes me want to get out my bamboo roller and seaweed and start kim bapping away. love you guys

Missy said...

Hi Dan and Mary,
Missy here, your old Argent Friend. I really enjoy your blog and specially Dan's addition, what a great receipe to hand down to the girls and let me just add I can't believe how BIG they are now, wow, how time flies.

Liza on Maui said...

We love that kind of food here on Hawaii :) -

I'm glad your mom were able to teach your girls how to do it :)

(Found you through blogpost (you were featured today :)