Look Ma, no hands.....


garage sale haul

It's been awhile since I've been out to the garage sales and even longer since I posted about any good garage and thrift store finds. Today Dan had a phone meeting so I packed up the girls and a box of doughnuts and headed out for some treasures. I scored, big!

See all that great stuff up there. The ugly shelf was only 3 bucks and a good sanding and coat of paint will make it perfect for the play room. There were assorted other goodies, 4 halloween buckets for $1.00 that the girls had to have and a big tin of these letterpress stamps for $5.00. the sweet little green fabric was basically free. There was also a big box of costumes all for a buck.


I found the cute little ice cream cups at one sale ($2.00 for 7) and then found not one but 2 ice cream makers for $5.00 and $2.00. What a yummy summer it will be.


The biggest score of the day was a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for $40.00. and it works (with a bit of jiggling). I have been wanting one of these for a really long time and have been holding out for awhile. Dan even bought me a sunbeam mixer for christmas one year but I returned it because I really wanted the kitchen aid. Sometimes patience and a bit of luck do pay off because I am thrilled with my find. Sure I would love a yummy little pistachio colored one but.....$40.00 !
Now when I am baking it will be "Look Ma, no hands" as I give my hand mixer a rest. (I think Annie was a bit dissapointed that she won't get to hold the mixer anymore).

kitchen aid

Oh, almost forgot I got all those tart tins for fifty cents, they had lots more baking stuff but I had to draw the line somewhere. They will be great for sorting buttons, rocks and shells and as paint cups.

Hope you find some treasures of your own this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I know you have been wanting that stand mixer, awesome find! You need to give me ring one of these times, Logan and I would love to tag along!!! Love the icecream bowls too...

Steve said...

Mary - awesome find, let me know when I can come over and eat something chocolate laden that you make with that mixer!

Melissa said...

Super finds! The kitchen aid for $40 and a box full of costumes for a $1.

Anonymous said...

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