9 lbs. of Blueberries



Blueberry picking was great. Our friend found a great place in the country with a shaded picnic area, swing sets and a hayride out to the berries. Running late helped us out, no lines to the berries and no lines to weigh in at the end. The kids had a great time and picked and picked.
We have been enjoying the harvest all weekend. Friday morning was blueberry pancakes using this recipe and then I whipped up 2 blueberry buckles while the girls played happily in the other room. (You all know I love letting the girls bake with me but sometimes it is so nice to get things done a bit faster and neater.) The recipe was from here. I substituted for the raspberries. There are more buckle recipes here. Wondering what a buckle is? I was so here is a definition -

"Buckles are baked and are usually made in one or two ways. The first way is that
bottom layer is cake-like with the berries mixed in. Then the top layer is
crumb-like. The second way is where the cake layer is on the bottom of the pan,
the berries are the next layer and the top is the crumble mixture. Blueberry
Buckle is the most prevalent Buckle recipe found. "

You can find out the difference between a Betty, a buckle and a cobbler here. Dan has a blueberry pie in the oven now and I think I'll stay up for a slice. This was my first fruit picking outing and I think we'll be doing lots more. It was a really relaxing way to spend the day. Peaches, raspberries and plums are all coming into season soon. Lots more yummy desserts to make. Maybe a slump will be in my future.


We finished off the day with some yummy fresh mozzarella pizza that the girls topped with basil from the garden. I love summer.


Anonymous said...

Mary - You have been busy posting the past couple of days so I will combine a couple of responses in one.

We went blueberry picking in MI last year and had a great time. We plan to do it again this year. Haven't tried a buckle. Just pies. Maybe this year.

As for going green, we walk a lot of places, take public transportation, recycle, etc. We have memberships to both zoos, the Shedd and the Morton Arb and while this doesn't make us green, I feel that we are at least contributing to nature, the environment etc.

As for the summer, ours has been primarily spent swinging, swimming, reading (I have two kids who love to be read to, even when they can read themselves) and just spending time together.

Hope you and Dan and the family have a wonderful summer.

Dawn Z.

beverly8 said...

i give this website to anyone who likes food


Gail said...

Hi Mary-
I wondered in through Blogs of Note. I like your style and your photos. Your Grandma's Button Box is beautiful.

I'm enjoying summer Garden Delights as well.

Gambits from Gail

Beetlejuice said...

Please send me a homemade blueberry pie ASAP! (or a tart)

Beetlejuice said...

Please send me a homemade blueberry pie to Ca!(please)

Anonymous said...

I love German chocolate cake myself I found some great recipes at http://www.oekoadressen.de only thing it's in german and I had to use a translation site on it.

mpg said...

Hi Mary! The pizzas look so yummy! And so elegantly prepared at that. I really enjoy visiting your blog. You've got style! Didn't think I'd find a place in cyberspace that was so comforting until I found yours. Thank you.

Sabrina said...

Hi! I actually just found your blog and the pizza looks great, do you have a link to a recipe, or when you have the time could you e-mail it me? Thanks ~ Sabrina


Cheryl said...

when it comes to homemade pies from the garden, nothing beats a strawberry raspberry rhubarb pie! It's our new favorite, just toss in some raspberries to your favorite pie recipe. We've also been making raspberry lemonade by throwing the berries in an ice cube tray and adding lemonade. when frozen, we blend em with some country time lemonade and ooooooooooo is it good!
enjoy your summer, and your new kitty!