Going Green(er)


I try to keep things green around here. I will say that adding two kids to the mix and made me go for the easy over green more often. I never used paper towels before the kids and I was much better a composting in the past. I do try to make green choices when shopping, paying attention to packaging, using refill water bottles instead of new ones. I have been feeling a little guilty of letting my greener tendencies slide so I have been making an effort lately to make some changes around here. They don't always happen but really I feel so good when they do.

Riding my bike to the grocery store and using canvas bags (if only I always remembered them and didn't have to haul 100 lbs worth of kids with me)


Draining the kids pool with a hose right into the garden. (Gotta love the soaker hose)



Next up vermicomposting and trying to get my husband to turn off the lights and tv.

What do you do to go green?

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Anonymous said...

Well Mary,
I use scarp paper until no longer usable. The kids use every bit to color and scribble and then it is recycled.
I TRY to make my own cards with scraps from old magazines and letting the kids make theirs. Sometimes it works...
I use the dehumidifier water to water plants and other househould chores.
Mostly, I am trying to unplug a little more each day. Including things that are not in use, i.e. cell phone chargers, toasters and my trusty computer.
I want to try to use a clothesline, but with my families sensitve skin and all, that may prove to be difficult.
Watching how much water we waste, leaving the sink run while brushing teeth for example.
Using or making household cleaners that are all natural.
AND last but not least...
Camping and using the outdoors as entertainment.
I do try, really!

Becky said...

I've got some worms and blocks of coconut husk if you want em!

Brenda McDonald said...

Hi Mary - I'm enjoying your blog. I've also started going back to my green ways - long ago I was much greener than today. Life's too busy, and I don't take the time I ought to.
Lately I've been experimenting with natural cleaners, mixing them up in spray bottles. Distilled white vinegar and water is antibacterial and nontoxic - good for kitchen and bathroom counters and the laundry room. Essential oils in distilled water have been very nice & effective while ironing, clearing the air in the bathroom (kitty litter) and cleaning out some very old cupboards (90+ years) which were musty smelling.
It's nice to use things that don't poison our family!

Boonsky said...

Hi Mary. This is how I go green.

Chrysalis said...

I tried mainly by doing all my washing at night, putting only one/two energy saving lights at night, using disposable plastic bag, always use scrape papers, make sure i printed texts once, buy toiletries that are refillable, use no air-condition at home and minimise usage of plastics. In Malaysia, there is so little awareness and sometimes u'll be questioned just because u refuse to use plastic bag for packed food. I still need to learn to make compost out of the garbage esp. food.

Cheryl said...

Hi Mary! Since we have seen the electric rates go through the roof, we are switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs, trying to heat with wood, use the low energy cycle on the dishwasher, hang the sheets and towels (Love the smell!) and reading up on solar. We also have a compost pile affectionately known as Gomer (Gomer Pile, lol) and run a large fan when its hot instead of AC, which we have only used 3 days this year. So that's a start. like you said, it's probably easier to go green when you don't have the busy schedule kids bring, but every little bit helps!

Beetlejuice said...

I leave the lights off in my house,except in the room i'm in.

Dave said...


I take public transportation to work (most days) and have started a recycling program at work. We even got the partners on board to have a company-wide contest.

I also started a blog that gives daily tips on how to simplify life, and enjoy the simple pleasures we often overlook (lots of green implications there). If you'd like to check it out the address is www.LivSimpl.com.

Your draining the kiddie pool into your garden was impressive. Keep up the good work!