Advent Blog: Enjoying the Season



Our Advent Garland Wednesday was "go to the play museum". I added "or go sledding if it snows." Gotta love the pre-readers.

I find that I still get all giddy for a good snowfall. I rushed in the house tuesday night and tried to wake both of the girls. I was really going to take them sledding at 9:00 at night but they wouldn't budge. We got our fill of snowy fun on Wednesday. The girls are finally old enough to spend extended amounts of time in the snow. We trekked and sledded, tried to build a snow person and ate lots of snow. It was crisp and bright with rosy faced children and cold noses and it was perfect. I'm definitly dreaming of a white Christmas.





Monster Librarian said...

Here's to hoping for a White Christmas! :)

MJ said...

Great photos of the girls frollicking in the snow! Mine are a little too little to do most of your activities but the time is coming soon! Perhaps too soon?! Enjoy your Advent season!