And so it begins.....


We have already been in gift making mode around here and talking lots about Christmas but the it doesn't seem real until the boxes come up and the tree goes up.


We had a lovely time decorating the tree and the girls were thrilled to find all of their ornaments and hang them.


We made a few changes to tradition this year (very very difficult for me) and moved the tree into the family room so that we could enjoy it more and the girls asked for colored lights instead of my white ones. I decided my raffia garland didn't work with the lights so I picked up some silver and red metallic garland. Definitely more kid than Martha tree and I love it.

Tradition did stick with Annie placing "walnut head" on the tree and the after decorating eggnog and Santa's Favorites Cookies. Yum.


I had big plans to roll out 24 days of Holiday posts with ideas for gifts, crafting, traditions etc. But our Advent Calendar went up a day late and then it was too dark to take a picture.

So that sorta blows the whole 24 days of posts thing but I figure I can still carry on with all of this because you, my loyal readers, are probably not going to come into my room at 2 a.m. crying because I put the advent calendar up a day late and that meant we didn't drink the hot cocoa on the right day and lord if the world doesn't end if you don't do the thing on the 1st advent tree that it says to do. At least I hope you won't. So get ready for 23 days of holiday posts or at least as many as I can sneak in.


Michele Moore said...

Your tree looks great. We switched to the kid friendly tree a few years ago, and while I miss the pretty things sometimes, the colored lights remind me of my childhood and the boy love them. I think the advent idea sounds great, and since I envy the energy you put into coming up with the idea, I promise not to get all legalistic if you post 2 one day and miss another, or get crazy busy and miss a whole week.

Enjoy your decorations.

Asti said...

Looking lovely! We've just done the same but this year we have 2 trees, one the childrens, all colourful and tinsely (but gorgeous all the same) and my subtler white lights and red one!

amy said...

your garland is wonderful. your girls are beautiful as always. happy counting.