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Annie and Maddie have just reached the age where we can sit down and play a game together. I love playing board games and spent many college hours playing cards and all day Scrabble fests. I thought I would share a couple of our favorite games with all of you.

Games for multi-age groups

Michigan Rummy

For the older set

For kids

Cariboo, Balloon Lagoon and Hullabaloo
Guess Who
Animal Yahtzee
Animal Bingo

My Favorite Card Games
Crazy Eights

I'm sure many of these are familiar to most of you, but maybe some are new. I really enjoy any of the Cranium Games and as I was compiling this list it seems there are many highly rated games I have never played. As the girls get bigger I am sure we will become more familiar with all of them.
Do any of you have favorite games to share?


homebase said...

Try Toot and Otto, it is a great game for kids and adults, quick and good for focusing the mind. Fun-I found it at Barnes and Noble

Anonymous said...

One of our family faves is Sequence for Kids. No reading necessary.
Josie could play it when she was 2 and it's fun for older kids and adults.

DeLi said...

i love the kitchen set even if im not good at that. i love that yellow vibrance

Tegan said...

The old, classic Monopoly is a really great game. My math skills were greatly enhanced by learning to play that game when I was a little kid (espeically learning to do math in my head quickly). And actually, it helped with memory skills too. I think I was seven or eight when I startd playing . . . many memorable hours were spent playing Monopoly with my Dad and brother. :)

I haven't played all the ones on your list, I'll have to try them. :)

Heidi said...

We have some new favorite card games;
1) Spite and Malice
2) Phase Ten (kind of like Michigan Rummy but you buy the brand name deck) and the Master's edition of this game
3) Uno- but "Speed Uno" I can email you the rules. Our friends made it up. It's best with 6+ persons and many, many decks...

Anonymous said...

I think you understand the spirit of Christmas. We too try to do things like this with the kids. Kids these days want so many material things. My friend bought his 12 year a iPhone for Christmas, that is sad!