Advent Blog:Glitter and Glue



All of my holiday decorations lean more to the red, green and natural. Having two little girlies I figured we really needed a bit of glitter in our decorations. I wanted something easy and cheap that would also work as little gifts. Glittered Stars it was.

What you need.

A spool of wire
A board
Golf Tees
A drill with proper sized drill bit
A tin and a tub with a lid

Use a cookie cutter (or draw your own star) onto the board. Mark the points of the star and drill holes. Stick the golf tees into the holes.

Cut off a length of wire. On our first few stars we used a single wire. They were a bit wonky, we ended up doubling up the wire. You could also use a thicker gauge wire. I was using what we had on hand.

Wrap the wire start around the #1 peg and follow then follow the pattern like a dot to dot.

Pull the tees out and remove the star. Put in a shallow dish and get it all full of glue.

Now put the star into a tub with a lid and add your glitter. Shake it up. (this was the girls favorite part)

Open the tub, ohh and ahh and let dry. Now what to do with all those stars......


Monster Librarian said...


I am constantly amazed at the ideas that you all come up with for making the season a special one. You girls are blessed by a mother with so much energy and willingess to make things fun for them! Cheers!


Holly said...

Thanks for the clear directions and photographs showing just how you do things - for a craft-challenged person they are invaluable, and I want to save up some of these ideas to try with my grandkids! Thanks!