Maddie's Birthday and other stuff


Madison's Birthday was very nice. We had the grandparents over for dinner and cake and a nice visit. Annie and Madison have many cousins and don't get much one on one time with the grandparents so this was a great visit. Dan grilled dinner and we had a yummy strawberry shortcake.

I think the best part was Maddie learning to blow out the horn.... she was so proud of herself.

On Monday, this arrived from wonderful Auntie Linda and family.

I waited for Dan to open it but the girls couldn't wait to play sooo they made use of the paper packaging-they were all action shots because they didn't stop rolling in the paper for 30 minutes.(thanks auntie linda)

And yes, those are crayons and pajamas in the mix. And no, my children never wear pants.

Given all the above excitment and the easter holiday (we finally dyed eggs at 6:00 p.m. on sunday) there has been very little making of crafty things. There has however been lots of making of smiles, laughter and memories.