Sofia in the Summer


I came across a blog titled Wanna Be Hippie and of course I had to go there. Her writing is great and I love hearing another mom talk about the same struggles as we have here. Well, she has a second site Mama Says Om with some other ladies that has a topic each week. They added a flickr group to post pictures on that topic. I submitted a picture for the delight topic and it was the friday photo feature.

This is a 3 year old picture of Sofia and Katie, my nieces, at their block party. I have always loved this picture. It is a perfect picture to look at in January when the wind is blowing and it is 10 below. I really enjoy taking pictures and this is one of my best efforts. I think it was all due to the models.

Don't forget to check out Mama Says Om or Wanna Be Hippie.


Anna said...

That's a wonderful photo! It takes me back to my childhood when my cousins and I would play on our "slip-n-slide".