One Fine Day



Yesterday was....

sleeping in until 9:00 a.m. and being woken by kisses
having to make a second pot of coffee
blue skies and sunshine at 10:00 a.m.
the hubby doing yard work
"pishing" Maddie on the swing and listening to her giggle
the feel of sand on your toes
taking pictures of annie in her paper bonnet
clearing out winter from the garden and annie finding the hyacinths
a walk around the block
daddy making lunch of fried mortadella and feta cheese
naptime for maddie and rest time for annie
planting herb seeds with my little gardeners
mudpies in yogurt cups
annie singing "I'm planting my seeds,I'm watering my seeds, I'm taking care of the garden like I should"
daddy pushing maddie on the tricycle
bean bags and Blue Moon
sidewalk chalk
a barking dog
a mouse in the bird house
a long walk around the lake
ducks, swans and a woodpecker
the perfect rock by the creek and standing on it together
grilled pork chops and zucchini
dinner outside
being told to "sit" and handed my sudoku book
maddie riding on my shoulders and holding on tight
a tantrum
annie and daddy holding hands
strawberry banana shortcake with lots of whipped cream
bathtime and the smell of clean babies
books snuggles and bed.

Wishing you your own fine day.


Anonymous said...

A wonderful, robust day! I loved reading the details.
...and Happy Birthday, Madison!