I ran out to the thrift shop the other evening looking for some yellow fabric for this months tie one on challenge. It appears that either no one discards their yellow or eveyone is attempting the tie one on challenge this month.

I did find some good stuff and walked away with all this for only $10.00.


I seem to be channeling my old hippie days and had to have these 3 dresses. Yes, that does say 45 cents. None of them really work for me. The purple floral thing is more of a housecoat and I don't think I am ready to wear a housecoat. I may use the fabric for a dress for the girls or a skirt for me. The 45 cent dress is very cute on, but completely see-through. It would work with jeans underneath, but not sure if I can pull that off. The cute green dress will be shortened for Annie.


I picked up the bag for $1.50, I figure I can use the bags or take the handles for another bag. Maybe a bag made from the background fabric, two great king-size pillow cases.

I always like to grab a few books for the kids.


Some stencils for future freezer paper crafts. Let's See the Animals was for Annie because she loves books about the zoo. This is a great old book that shows a 1960's field trip to the San Francisco Zoo. The children get to feed the seals, giraffe and elephants and there is a baby zoo with baby elephants for the children to pet. I love these old books.


Feeding the giraffe.

Congratulations TomKat on the birth of baby Suri and John and Meghan on the birth of baby Mike.


Anonymous said...

okay lady, enough is enough....don't you have anything else to do?