Feeling Blue.....


I think my new look on the blog has a bit to do with my overall feeling right now, a bit blue. I have always called it "getting the sads". I am usually pretty bubbly and fun, (alright sometimes a bit irritable and cross) but usually quite cheery, every so often I get the sads. I almost feel as if I just need to let my smile rest for a little while. Usually a good long walk in the woods fixes it for me or it just goes away in a day. I think I have been a bit nature deprived of late, it's not snowy enough to draw me out yet to cold and dreary to want to go out either. Tomorrow we are headed down to the Field Museum and maybe a side trip to Shedd Aquarium. If you are from in town than take note that all the Museums downtown are free this week and many of them have free days on Monday and Tuesday throughout January and February. If you are from out of town then make a trip to the Chicago to see these gems. They are wonderful and the setting on the lakefront can't be missed, even when it's 20 degrees outside.
Maybe I'll get some nice, (film pictures) to show of our outing.

Until then enjoy this picture chosen from a random CD-ROM in my collection. (Look for more of these random pics until the camera comes back)



Anonymous said...

I hope your sads dissapper soon. Thanks for the tip about the Chicago musuems being free! I'll definitely check that out and maybe take a Mon or Tues off work and head in with our 5 year old for a day.

Anonymous said...

My gosh, what a cutie she is! Such a happy little smile.

Hope the sads go away quickly. Free musuems might do the trick.

I don't get sad so much as quiet, where it feels like a big effort to talk to anybody. I just want to hole up and be by myself with a book and some yarn and maybe the TV. Not terribly realistic, but it sounds lovely.