Still working on stuff.


Sorry for the recent lack of posts. We are still plugging along over here but last week involved sick Annie, sick cat and thought he was sick hubby who is fine. The lack of digital camera is driving me crazy. We have been working on lots of fun stuff including a valentine's day mobile and the items for our first ever swap. I signed us up for the Mini Swap and we were paired up with a lovely family in Seattle with 5 year old boy and almost 2 year old little girl. We are so excited to be making things for someone so far away. Annie has been checking out the map to see where Seattle is.

If you are interested in swapping you can go to SwapBot to find something that might interest you. If you want to see some crafty inspiration head over here or here.

Here's a random photo from the box of cd's.


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just checking

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checking again

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