We'll miss you Dasia.


Last week my poor kitty passed away. He was a great cat and kept all of us company. He would hang out with us outside and always put up with the girls picking him up and making him one of thier toys. He loved beanie babies and would carry them around like kittens. We will miss him dearly. Annie was quite upset when she found out but seems to be processing things in her own way; creating pictures for him, singing songs about him and talking to her sister about him. Maddie on the other had got over it pretty quick:
Mommy- "God bless Annie and Maddie and Mommy and Daddy and Autumn and Dasia"
Maddie -"But Dasia died"
Mommy -"Yes, he died but we can still pray for him in heaven"
Maddie- "Okay, Mommy"