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Well, it's 1:00 a.m. and I thought I should get a post up. It's been busy around here and the lack of a camera really puts a damper on posts.

I think in the future I should avoid redoing my banner so late. Not so purty. Oh well, I can fix it tomorrow.

What is really pretty, and gone and, there is no picture to show it is this awesome Orange Bundt Cake I made for my neighbor lady friends today. It was so very yummy and easy, and what with only 4 eggs, a packet of pudding and a cake mix very easy on the waist. I found at and if you haven't been there you need to go. They have recipes for everything and they are not slick magazine recipes that don't taste good or never come out right. These are the recipes you get from your girlfriends, the "I just ate an entire bowl of that dip you brought could I please have the recipe?" recipes. The best part is that you can read reviews of the recipes. The Orange Cake had 300 reviews and 5 out of 5 bet. I have tried a few where the reviewers say add vanilla or cut down on sugar, like getting grandma's cookbook and it having notes in the margin. So go, get lots of recipes that you are supposed to cut down to 4x6, never cut them down and stick them all in you cabinet to drive your hubby crazy, until that is you make him some yummy snacks.

This all brings me to my love of the bundt cake. When I was a preteen I loved to bake. We always had cake mixes and cookies mixes on hand and I was the family baker. The grocery store shelves held many diffferent flavors of bundt cakes. I remember there being many more box cakes to choose from back then. My favorite cake to bake was the chocolate bundt cake that had the chocolate fudge filling. There was something about that filling that really did it for me.

A few years ago my mom gave me her old bundt pan. It has sat amid all my pans just waiting for me to put it to use. I was watching Martha one day and she had asked the audience to bring in Bundt Cake pans in honor of the bundts 60th anniversary. Well, yesterday was the day and what fun. I felt so nostalgic, although I did miss making the cake from the mix. I decided to dust with powdered sugar instead of glaze but I might try that next time. It was really quite good and easy. As nostalgic as it was using my mom's pan it wasn't as pretty as I remember, the pan is it bit wonky and probably did a few too many rounds with the wooden spoon. Maybe I'll invest in a fancy new one or one of the ones with 4 mini Bundts....mmmm. Until then check out all this Bundt goodness.

Looking for some new and fancy Bundt Cake Pans.....
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Have a Bundt pan but want a great new recipe.....
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Those 4 alone should keep you in tunnel of fudge heaven.

Not really the make it from scratch type.....Bundt cake Mixes...
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Random NPR article on Bundt cake

and if you haven't gotten enough Bundt yet you can check out the flickr group here.
(I was going to start a group but it appears someone else feels the Bunt love too.)


Anonymous said...

can i have your recipe for the pudding bundt cake?