Happy 2007!


Happy New Year to everyone. I hope everyone had as lovely a day as I had.

When Dan and I were first dating we always reserved New Year's Day for ourselves. We would usually go to Best Buy on New Year's eve, search through all the open box items, and buy ourselves a treat. Sometimes it was a VCR or a video game I think one year it was a computer. We would spend all of New Year's Day lounging in our jammies and playing games, watching movies, napping etc. It has become our tradition and it sometimes ruffles family feathers that we don't go to the family get-togethers but I always hold firm that it is our day together.

After the very busy holiday season and the addition of me going back to work and working extra during December I was looking forward to today for weeks. It was my do nothing day. I gave myself one day to just relax, no obligations and no guilt for not doing anything. I think I need more of these days.

I slept until 1o a.m. and I didn't even go out last night, in bed by 11:30 and fast asleep. I drank lots of coffee, read the paper and watched the Rose Parade. (I can't believe what people can do with dried flowers). My lovely friend Megan stopped by to bring me a gift and the kids played in the theatre while we chatted and ate velveeta cheese dip-big guilty pleasure, made guilt free on a my no guilt day- and ignored the kids while Dan watched Lord of the Rings for the 600th time (his version of doing nothing). I took a nap and got up with a very eager Annie wanting to make Be Bim Bop. For Christmas Annie and Maddie got the book Be Bim Bop. It's the story of a little girl helping her mom make the Korean dish Be Bim Bop. Annie has been dying to make it since the first reading. It came out great and Dan made Crab Rangoon to boot. YUM!
We finished off the night laying on the floor playing games and cards and watching Anthony Bordain's No Reservations while working on some knitting. Dan and I were struck by how much Annie has changed in the last year, with the "I know how to crack eggs, DADDY" to playing a full game of Go Fish and War, she is not our baby anymore.

It was a perfect New Year's Day. I am off to bed to start my New Year of taking better care of me, eating better, exercising taking care of some school stuff and working on some business ideas. Look for the Uberlist soon.
May you find as much peace all year as I found today.

Almost forgot my wonderful friend Sara also called to invite me on a shopping trip to Ikea. Cheap and funky stuff, Swedish meatballs, Marabau Chocoloate and free child care.....That's how to start the year of taking care of me. The eating right might have to wait until Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Boy your friend Sara sounds wonderful!