Fun with Sara (and Modge Podge)


Sara and I originally came up with the idea of the guest blog when my camera went out, but as always life with kids foils the best laid plans of mommies. Instead we got this together right in time to fill the blogging void while I am tending to my 2 sick kids (strep throat) and very sick husband. Please enjoy this great idea from one of my dearest friends. We lost touch during the college years and reconnected just in time for her to be a wonderful mommy mentor to me. Thanks Sara for all the advice, support, naptime chats and laughs.

Hi. I’m Sara the guest blogger for Marytree. Her camera is broken right now and she’s been longing for pictures to post. I told her about a craft that I was planning to do with my kids and she asked me to take snaps and write it up for her blog. So here I go. Disclaimer: I stole this idea from Rosie O’Donnell.

I first started out with a three pack of smallcanvases from the craft store.
Look a blank canvas

I let my three daughters paint them up any way they pleased.


Let it dry, then coat it with Modge Podge (found at craft stores). It applies with a milky, white coating that will dry clear. Find a photo of the artist that you think suits the work. Position it wherever you think it will look best. Use Modge Podge to adhere it to photo, then coat the whole thing with more Modge Podge.


It dries clear and looks rather impressive.
Finished works

(We were snowed in on the day before Valentine’s Day, so I used this method with things around the house to make fun valentines for my husband and kids.)

Thanks, Mary, for this fun little entry into your blogging world! SB


jessica said...

That was one of the fiew episodes of The View I watched, I guess because they promised a craft! Looks like much more fun at your house without Barbara acting like she doesn't know what glue is! We just gotour school pictures yesterday, I think we might give this a try too. Right after we are done with the wheels. ;)