A year of handmade gifts and some knitting news.


First, Thank you all for all the warm birthday wishes and blog birthday wishes. It was so nice to hear from everyone. I think I may be the only 36 year old that still loves a birthday.-I'll get back to you on that one when I turn 40.

A bit back I mentioned that I might give a try at a Year Of Handmade Gifts. Well, I decided to go for it. Our first birthday gift was a few weeks late, but, much appreciated. I made another little art tote like the one for our swap. (Sorry, I forgot to get a picture).

This weekend we had two birthday parties to attend, one for a 1 year old and one for a 5 year old. It seems once you hit preschool there are many more parties. I had an apron set leftover from the craft show I did last fall, so the 5 year old gift was done.

Apron Set

I think I will pick-up some fabric for more of these, they are quick and great for all ages.

I wanted to make something special for the little one year old guy next door. Turning one is such a big deal and we don't have many boys about to buy for.

Here is the little set with Oh My, Oh My, Oh Dinosaur book by Sandra Boynton

Dino Set

I picked up the onsie at Target and used leftover fabric from the craft show (gotta recoup the investment ya know) to applique the dinosaur. The book and shirt were stuffed inside the tote. I am hooked on these little initial totes. They are such an easy way to make a personalized gift and the tote is perfect for the filling up and dumping out stage. I didn't even line the bag this time. Easy-peasey. I was thinking it would be fun to find vintage books and make up little sets based on the books.

My neighbor was so pleased with the gift. When little Mason was born I knit a hat for him and she told me it was the only handmade gift he had received. I really enjoy giving these little handmade gifts but find myself a bit embaressed when they open up the present and ohh and ahh. Any of you have the same experience?

So I was wondering if any of you out there might like to join in on the Year Of Handmade Gifts. I thought it would be a fun challenge. Please let me know if you are interested, I could make a little button and a flickr group to show off all the great ideas ya'll come up with.

And as promised a little knitting news....

1st Pair o knitted Socks

On those cute little legs you see my very first pair of knitted socks! They are terribly wonky with dropped stitches and holes and all sorts of mistakes but gosh darn-it they are socks. I used some random thrifted yarn so that there was little monetary investment and I am pleased as punch. I may possibly be hooked on making socks. I used a pattern from here. A big thank you goes to Jen for encouraging me to give it a go.
Next knitting project is a Harry Potter scarf for my 8 year old nephew- a birthday gift. He has given me until the new movie comes out to finish.


Kate said...

Great work Mary i really liked the post and your works.. wonderful.You can also take a look at my blog on Birthday Gift Ideas . take care. LOL. Ciao.

Kelly McCants said...

Hi Mary, thanks for your post over at my blog... your site is so beautiful

great work

I have to tell you that my whole business started out with hand made gifts for the massive amount of parties, that and my kids had completely outgrown their old aprons.
funny how life some times finds us!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yay, look at your socks! Way to go! Are you all ready for a bigger pair now?

mary said...

Yep, I picked up some pink and green yarn to make myself a nice pair of stripey socks.

Melissa said...

I'd love to join the one year handmade gift challenge. I enjoy making gifts for the kids and their friends because it seems all the toys in the stores are just plastic and no good.