Hi all, not sure how many of you use bloglines or other feed reader to check in here but I think I did something a bit back to mess it all up. Anyhow you may want to update your feed. I have added two links at the bottom to get a feed. Seriously I would love to explain all of this better but it is completely beyond me. All I know is that I hit the nice little orange button on my tool bar and say yes to something and then I get to check in on all my favorite people when they update. Unless I am stuck logged onto my hubbies account and am to lazy to switch over.

Okay so hope I didn't just confuse you more.

and a bit more of this headed our way.....


maybe we'll be able to do a bit more of this.



Jane said...

oooh snow, lovely looks as though the girls are enjoying it too. We are basking in sunshine with a distinctly spring like feel, daffodils are all coming out. Jane x

mary said...

So jealous Jane. I can't wait for spring.

melissa said...

That photo is hilarious! It looks like the kids are all tied in a big love knot!
Thank you so much for all you kind words on my blog!