She Reads.....



In the last week or so Annie has really started to read. She had been able to read a few words and began sounding words out but it was really just too much for her. I mean too much as in not easy. None of those pesky letters follow the rules she has learned for sounds. "But mommy if that word is Ja-raffe then it should start with a J or we could say gee-raffe." Math is much easier, those numbers always follow the rules.

I have been through this several times with her- "oh, mommy I'm never going to learn to swing" or "Tying my shoes is too hard." I once read a blog where someone talked about her daughter and that she never did anything until it was "easy for her". Wow, that is Annie. Everything has to be done on her schedule. She used the potty on and off for a year before deciding that "I won't wear diapers after Maddie is 1." Sure enough a week after Maddie's birthday she said "No more diapers."

It has been difficult for me to hold back and allow her to develop this skill at her own pace. I want her to read. I want her to have the experince of spending an entire warm summer day hidden in your room under the covers because you couldn't put the book down. I want her be whisked away to Oz and Chincoteague Island.
I love to hear her sweet voice carefully sound out the words and make corrections.
"If wallow means play in the mud then why didn't she just write play in the mud?"
Soon enough I will find her curled up in bed leg across her knee lost in some faraway place. I can't wait.


Grafted Branch said...

Absolutely precious! Great picture too.

Congratulations on a job well accomplished.

Jen said...

Ben is like that too, just incredibly reluctant to continue with something that's difficult. I wonder where he gets that from...

Mary, I don't know what you've done lately to your blog, but all of the sudden my blog reader is reading it. I'd thought you had quit blogging, but you've been right here all the time. I'm so glad!

Jane said...

Ah a special moment, reading out loud and one i treasured with both my girls. Al was a very quick learner and once she started she didn't want to stop. Em was slower but eventually got to enjoy reading. Well done, Jane x

MJ said...

Yahoo!! I too look forward to K and N reading and exploring the world through books like I did as a child! Annie is on her way!

Unknown said...

My girl is 4.5 and interested in reading. She recognizes and has memorized many words. I'm working on sounding out things, but she hasn't grasped that yet.
We haven't reached that logical questioning phase yet.
Since I love to read, I'm so excited to see her interest and enthusiasm!