Thinking Spring


Well, I have been trying to keep spring in mind this week. The 6" of snow that came last night is not really helping with my mindset. We have been working on one little spring project-more on that later and I have started with some spring cleaning. The kinda cleaning that involves moving bedrooms to free up a new craft room for me-one with a door that closes and my hubby never has to look at.
Our town has a big garage sale each year and this year I am going to do it. I usually run around and buy lots of stuff, anyone remember the two ice cream makers I bought last year. This year it's all about making a bit of cash. Really it's all about getting rid of all the crap in my house. I am a horrible pack rat and I can't pass up furniture being tossed out so now my basement is the home way to many unfinished projects. The girls have so many toys that I may toss the whole lot of them. My big plan is to make a bit of cash and plant it in the garden. We really need about 10 yards of mulch this year and I want to put in raised veggie beds and get a load of compost. Seems fitting to sell some of my crap to buy some crap. Maybe I can call it my big Crap Sale. So, sorting,cleaning and organizing are all part of thinking spring.

The other thing that always make me think spring is the planning of the girls birthday parties (April and May). Maddie wants a butterfly party and Annie is asking for a sleepover. I said that's fine but family only. Good thing she has 8 girl cousins. I stumbled upon this site with these little cuties. Perfect for a spring birthday-or any day really.

What's got you thinking about spring?


Tia said...

I actually saw 2 beautiful Robin Red Breasts in my sisters yard last week. Spring is coming!

Monster Librarian said...

I love that I am just now leaving work and the sun is STILL OUT!!!