Soup and Painting


A little soup on the stove. Recipe from Rachel Ray here. Very yummy. I added extra zucchini, didn't have any celery, and used dry basil and cooked it a bit longer. Annie said "this is the best soup ever."


While dinner bubbled away we had another little painting session. Nothing like the smell of dinner, the sound of the Juno soundtrack and a bit of quiet painting together. (Oh and take a listen to track 18, Maddie's favorite. She starts bopping around and all I can imagine is that one day she will have purple hair.)

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:: Maddie

:: Annie

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Anonymous said...

omg... maddie with purple hair... that's just what my story needs.
I'm going to ignore the fact that she will only be 10 at that point in time...
~~~~Ally and the strange girl from the other land stepped out of the forest into the clearing where the cousins lay, just waking up to the day. Maddie and Lexie were the first to notice the two, standing at the edge of the trees.
"who in the world is that?" Maddie asked, highly perplexed. The girl gaped back at her.
"By the Haeve of the dragons, your hair is purple!" she exclaimed. "How unnatural"
Annie turned to Ally. "Clearly your new friend has never heard of hair dye."~~~~

And then afterwards she can use her animal powers to be like a chameleon and keep her hair purple in a world without hair dye... it's brilliant I tell you, absolutely brilliant!!!

Anywhoo, love the artwork, as always, and am staring at the soup longingly. They don't make food like that in the dining halls.
Much love!

Lisa Marie said...

As always, you are amazing, that soups looks so good I'm going to have to give it a go this week, It will go good along with this snow storm we are under here right now. You have the best imagination when it comes to keeping those girls busy and happy, Those girls have an awesome mom...Have a wonderful week., Lisa

mary said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment. I don't always feel like the awesome mom and everyone needs a little bloggy hug once and awhile. The snow here last night was a bit more than I could handle. I am so ready for spring and my only spring doing is spring cleaning.

Unknown said...

Wow that soups look great....very cute blog