Mini Swap makes it to Cinncinati.


Our Mini Swap package made it to Ohio. We were paired up with a family of 3 little girls Susannah age 6, Grace age 3 and Evelyn 16 months. I wanted the girls to be involved in the making of this swap. We came up with the idea of homemade books with activities packed into little totes. I originally planned to have the girls do some of the tote sewing but, well you know, it was just easier for me to do it. I did get them to do some of the drawing on the books and managed to keep Maddie from defacing most of it.



For Susannaha: A tote filled with origami paper and a little book of origami folding directions. There was also a little art book with inspirations such as: Draw a bird, Draw something that swims. Annie wrote these out.


Inside the book. I found the illustrations online, when I find the link I will post it.

For Grace a handmade "I Spy" Book. The girls put together four vingettes from stuff around the house and we took pictures and then picked a couple to look for. I really enjoyed this project and will keep it in mind for future gifts. I think the execution could have been a bit better. I wanted Annie to do the writing but she was not cooperative at this point.


For the littlest family member, Evelyn we made a clothespin can with painted clothespins and a book of acitivites to do. Some of the activities were from the book The Busy Book for Toddlers.


The little totes also had some giant lollipops, stickers and giant bubble wands. It was fun thinking up ideas and putting it all together. I hadn't sewn much lately and it was nice to get back to the machine. We also tucked in some chocolate for mom and a jar of homemade blueberry jam. Our swap box should be arriving soon and I'll post on what came our way.


Kevin Flick said...

hi marytree! just wanted to say that i tried that soup recipe from rachael..yumm-o! :) my hubby is a soup addict so he really liked it and it was SO easy. i think i would use canned green beans next time..i am not a fan of frozen green beans! love the bags and things you made. you are SO creative. what is a swap?

Peace is every step said...

What wonderful ideas. I love it! I also "tagged" you for a little book-type tag. I'm curious as to where the inspiration for your creative energy comes from :).

katy said...

love the personalized i-spy book. what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

the ispy book is awesome. I am working on one now. It's a great tool for friend's with verbally challenged autistic children. It has really helped aid their speech therapy. I loved your execution.