Arbor Day


I was inspired to make myself a little bag by all these japanese craft magazines and images that are floating around online. Here, here and here .

So, I pulled out some leftover linen and scraps and laid out the bag while Annie was at school. It looked like this.

Annie, quickly, decided that it was not right and started moving pieces around. It seemed annie needed a bag of her own. I cut out some pieces for her and let her make her own bag. It came out really wonderful. Here is her bag and the two bags together.

It just goes to show you that if you try to make a childish design you should let a child design it. I finished the bags just in time for our trip to the arboretum to celebarate Arbor Day. Have a wonderful Arbor Day and don't forget to plant a tree.

This picture is of a goldfinch and house finch feeding from our homemade bird feeder. Just a bit of the fun that has been going on around here.


Anonymous said...

i love the tree bags!!