Blue Bag, Ralph and Seeds...


The last weekend and week as been spent in the garden. We live in a new house and there is so much planting to be done and only so much money to spend, so I went a bit crazy with the seeds.....

Madison has become my little garden helper and loves to stick the seeds in the holes. She keeps finding my seed stash and rooting through them until she finds seed-filled packets. She shakes, listens, tosses to the side or tears open and exclaims "seeeeds". I belive she planted pumpkins in the carrots and corn in the sunflower tunnel.
This morning was a big day in the garden, zucchini, corn, and pumpkins started pushing through. I will update with pictures soon.

Last saturday I did take some time off to share in the joy of a first birthday. I love first birthday parties and we had such a nice time. My friend Sara always calls them a celebration for the parents and she is so right. It is such a milestone and the parents are always so happy and proud of the little one. At 1 the little ones are beginning to become so much more independant and they really start to explore. As the birthday child sits there staring at all those faces singing happy birthday to them, I hope they know that all those crazy people are there to say "welcome to the world little one, we are all the people that love you and will always be there for you". Happy Birthday to Avery and Congratulations to Deb and Mick.
The entertainment for the party was Ralph Colvert from Ralph's World. My girls love him and showed it by singing and dancing (annie) and being super shy (maddie). All the kids (okay, parents too!
) really enjoyed it. Here are some pictures.

I also finished a new little bag. I used an old pillowcase I found while thrifting. This was my first wooden handle and magnetic clasp. I also made a rectangle shape. I love the fabric but I really need an over the shoulder bag. It is quite summery.

bluebag2 Inside of bag with magnetic clasp

Have a happy lemonade kinda day...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary! Love your nifty thrifty handcrafted blue bag. Please do join us at the Ralph's World Message Board!~Suzanne

Colorsonmymind said...

I love this bag!