Father's Day


One of the joys of having children has been watching my husband become a father. I always knew he would be a wonderful father, it is one of the reasons I fell in love with him, and he is even more wonderful with the girls than I imagined.


This is him doing what he does; playing, laughing, and adoring his daughters.

I have also really enjoyed watching my father and father-in-law as grandfathers. Both are big men with booming voices, but when they get around their granchildren they are big softies that will do anything for them. It is great to see them make silly faces at a crying baby and lie down on the floor watching santa dolls dance, again and again.


Here is my dad with my Maddie and my niece Lexi. The kids are always on his lap, especially during dessert time.


This is my dad 34 years ago holding me and my two brothers. A young dad himself.


This is my father-in-law, big smile on his face holding is grandaughters.

I have four brothers and 2 brother-in-laws, which are now a fathers, and it has also brought me joy to watch each of them grow into fathers. They each have a special gift for fatherhood and each of their children are lucky to have them.

So to all the men in my life, that are also wonderful fathers, I wish you all a happy fathers day and hope that you get lots of kisses and hugs from all the children in your lives.


Anonymous said...

mary...that is beautiful...thanks for the props...you are a wonderful mother as well.

Your Irish Twin,

Colorsonmymind said...

I love that first picture!

Hope you had a great father's day weekend with all the great men/fathers in your life.

Anonymous said...

Love the first photo too. I'm glad I'm not the only one that lets my daughter get on the table. I mean, if the cats do it, why not her!