Toads, plaster and a baftub.


We have been enjoying summer and playing outside so my posts have been a bit sparse. Here is a bit of what's been going on around here and I promise to update with some crafting and garage sale finds soon.

This toad was hanging out by the hose on Thursday. The girls tortured him for a few mintues and then we sent him on his way.


and some video here

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We also got nice and messy with a bit of plaster casting in the sand box. I love letting the girls use glitter when it's outside. It's a good thing it was hot enough for a hose off.


And this is Madison standing in the "baftub" she was so proud of herself for dumping out all the toys and bathing herself and her "babeeee". Oh well, it was the perfect excuse to sort through all the toys in Annie's room.


Lastly, a bit of strangeness one only finds in a house with a 2 year old doll lover. Just a bit of dolly carnage, gotta love living with little girls. (click on the picture for a bigger view)



Colorsonmymind said...

they are adorable. I love the video clip software.

Thanks for sharing the pictures