Cheap stuff.


I love cheap stuff. Okay, I really love expensive stuff but it is usually not in the budget so I always try to figure out how to get the stuff I want, cheap. Here is some cheap stuff I have picked up or made lately. Now, if I could only find that cheap Stickley dining room set.


This is a nice little puppet theatre I picked up at a garage sale for $1.00. My family room looks even more like a preschool classroom now.


I had to have this... I had one when I was a kid and it still had all the stencils. Only 95 cents.


I picked this book up a while back at goodwill. Some of the quilts are really fun and are on my to do list...Like this one


while others I am not as fond of....


and this is my favorite find


My new sewing table.

Each year for christmas my in-laws give me a $50 bill. I hold on to that bill like it is gold. I keep it in my wallet until I find that one thing that I really want and can't rationalize spending $50 dollars on. Last year I bought a lovely leather bound journal (spending money on a journal-rational, spending $50 on a journal-not so rational.) So this year it was this lovely little table, a steal at $60. It is an old folding card table. The reason this was so a bit frivilous is that I have a big dining room table that we never use and 2 other old tables in the basement, but they are not this lovely little table that I want to keep jugs of flowers on, so bye bye $50 and thank you Mr and Mrs. Z.

A bit of cheap crafting...

Yesterday, Maddie was quite upset because her green shirt did not have "bugs-on-it" like Annie's so we had to whip up a freezer paper stencil for her. She opted for a bike.

While at walmart we had to get another t-shirt so annie could have another custom shirt. I am not so big on the whole Disney Princess thing so this seemed like a good compromise princess t-shirt.


Sorry about the fuzzy pictures. My camera is not so happy with me these days.
Oh and as an aside if you have not seen the movie Duma- rent it, great for the family.
Hope you find something cheap!


Colorsonmymind said...

Oh I love that puppet theatre! I have such bad luck at garage sales-I go every Friday but don't ever seem to find the good stuff.

I am new to your blog-and to freezer stencils. Are they easy?
They are great.

mary said...

thanks for the comment, the freezer paper thing is very easy. Just google freezer paper stencils and you will find great info. There is also a flickr group.