Warm is...



sunshine on your back.
dirt between your toes.
a baby sleeping on your chest.
a mug of coffee.
steamy pasta in the colander.
the perfect bath.
the perfect temperature for spreading butter.
a cat on your lap.
a down comforter.
handmade mittens.
wishes for a friend.
footy pajamas.
flannel and fleece.
laying down on the driveway after running through the sprinkler.
bread from the oven.
leftover pizza out of the microwave.
hugs around your neck.
all four of us in the same bed.
Annie's smile and Maddie's curls.
the loft where we had our first kiss.

For Mama Says Om:Warm


Anonymous said...

I liked this!! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This is the cutest blog ever ( even though yours is the first I ve ever seen). I am amazed, this is just sooo cool, and your girls are adorable. Also your craft projects leave me feeling inadequate. You should be very proud.