To South Africa...


South Africa book

The daughter of one of my customers was going to be spending the summer at a children's camp in the bush of South Africa. I asked if they thought their daughter would be interested in doing a swap between the girls and the children at the camp. She was very pleased with the idea. The girls made a bunch of pictures to give to the kids and we made up a little book with info about A & M. They put in a map of where we are, a picture of them in the snow and a list of their favorites (animals, food, toy, book, etc.) It was such a nice project to work on together and gave us some context for talking about South Africa. We met up with B. the day before she left and delivered the package. We also added a bunch of gum and pixie sticks (we wanted to make sure she was the favorite at camp) the book, some American kids books, Chicago Cubs coloring books and pictures. We had a lovely visit and wished her well, we can't wait to hear all her adventures from S. Africa.

I have dreamed of travelling to Africa most of my life and seeing this 20 year old heading off to the middle of nowhere was really very amazing. As much as I wanted to do those types of things in college I never made it. I am inspired by B. and the confidence she has to fulfill her dreams. I may not have lived all of my dreams (yet) but I do hope that I am raising Annie and Maddie to be adventurous and confident and to follow their dreams.



inkybrigs said...

hi marytree i really love you blog. I did however have a comment on your view of south africa and africa at large. We have some of the bigest cities on the continent, we are the economic capitol of africa,this is probably more developed than most cities in the usa. So cool and all. love the idea but perhaps if you want to really see africa its a big continent, coming to SA is like staying at home most of the time. This is "safe africa" so with all due respect dont insult us :) its not wild at all.