Cooking with Maddie



My lovely day on Sunday also included a stop at a garage sale in route to the library. I always start with a tentative walk through, eyeing everything a bit before I really start digging around. Nothing was tagged at this one so I picked up a few items and heard them say "Fill a box for $5.00". I didn't fill a box but picked up a great bunch of stuff including a vintage apron, some cookbooks and a potato mill. I spied the little cart you see above and asked how much- $3.00. I didn't really need the cart nor did I have any idea what to do with it, but you know $3.00.
Silly me for worrying about what to do with it. Maddie was instantly taken with the rolling aspect and woke up Monday morning knowing that the cart was supposed to be a stage for "Maddie's Cooking Show."

Wanna see a bit of the show?

I was having a bit of trouble uploading the video to dropshots and then I forgot my photobucket password and was shut out when I remembered that you can now upload video to flickr. So very convient, all my stuff in one place with one password. Flickr happiness.


Anonymous said...

great finds! i can't wait to have my little lady play pretend just like maddie.

Anonymous said...

I like the sound of Maddie Jean, rather than Rachael Ray!!! I love that cutie pie...Way to get her cook on!

Anonymous said...

ooooohhhhhh man mary... maddie is turning out to be quite the little annie...

Monster Librarian said...

So cute!