spring arrived here in full force. Coats and shoes were tossed aside. An enitre day was spent outside taking it easy. The flower beds were cleaned up and signs of life were discovered under the decay of the last year. The girls found a nest of baby bunnies, rode bikes, swung on swings, hunted for worms and more worms. We snacked on lemonade and popsicles. Daddy cleaned up the grill and dinner was served al fresco as the sun began to set. We dined to the music of the red winged blackbirds and a neighborhood with the laughter of children in the air again. Ice cream cones melted in our hands on the front porch.
I felt the dirt between my toes and in my hands. The warm sun reddend my cheeks and the girls took turns sitting on my lap and sharing thier days adventures. After a day of good hard playing we all enjoyed the sweet smells of a warm bath and the kinda sleep that comes while the book is still opened in your hands.

I wish I could scoop up days like yesterday and put them in a jar only to open them in the darkest days of the winter.


Monster Librarian said...

What a great post! And a wonderful way to say "hey" to Spring!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you get so much done and make it all look like so much fun! Happy Birthday to Maddie! I can't believe she is "4."


Anonymous said...

Time to change the "topper" to some springtime fun images!