Just a midnight post.


I tend to get swept up when I log on here. I'll google one thing and then go somewhere else and on and on, you know how it goes. Each time I do this that old faberge shampoo commercial....and so on and so on plays over and over in my head. Every once in awhile my wanderings stray from the usual crafty, mommy type blogs to others and I have turn away. Really a girl can only have so many intrests and spend so much time on the computer. So great gardening blogs, nope not even going there and food blogs nope not gonna do it. But today I stumbled upon this little blog and thought maybe I could do this. Weekly baking challenges using the same recipe...hmm sounds familiar...and the first post I see is all these yummy homemade marshmallows.YUM. and then she goes on to say there are more blogs like this out there. Really more people all baking and cooking away with the same recipe and sharing it. But no, I am not going to follow those links, not going to get lost in the whole food blog world,(I don't even have time to cook dinner). But maybe one of you all will and then you can tell me about it and maybe send some homemade marshmallows my way.

Also, kidmade challenge #1-Self-Portrait are due on the 30th so start painting, or drawing or sculpting or whatever just send them in details here. The second challenge should be up on May 1st and I'll have the gallery up by Friday.