Turning 4 means....


Starting out the day by seeing how much you've grown. And wearing your new "4" shirt.


Homemade cards and Skittles way too early in the morning.


Finally getting to play the crane game at the grocery store and learning that you don't always win even if mommy keeps shoving quarters in the machine.


Checking out the lobsters...


and checking out.


Cracking the eggs, baking your cake and decorating it with lots of star sprinkles.


Opening the best gifts... the ones handmade by mommy and your sister.

Turning 4 also means your cousins over to play, hiding the birthday candles and your choice of dinner: salmon, tomato and mozzarella salad and cheetos.

I was so happy to follow along on your big day Maddie. I know that on your birthday you are the one that is supposed to get the gifts but since your birth each day with you has been a gift to me. I love ya baby, I can't wait to see where year four takes you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Maddie!!!!!!!!

Grafted Branch said...

That was about the single most adorable post (not published at my own space ;) lol) that I've ever read!

Happy birthday! What a great day you had. :)

Monster Librarian said...

Happy bday Maddie!
Marytree, this was such a wonderful post. I am sure that your little girl felt very special on her bday...sounds like you all had a wonderful day!