I'm an idea kinda gal. Not many days pass by without me coming up with some grand scheme or two. None of these ideas ever see the light of day. Sometimes my idea is to set-up a little stand like Lucy of the Peanuts with the 5 cents sign and just sell the ideas. Usually the ideas stick around for a few days, I work out the kinks, obsess a bit and then move on to something new.

Well, one idea I had just kept nagging at me for the past year or so. I would start a bit of work on it, get frustrated by my lack of html knowledge or get busy with other stuff and shelve it. I knew that my 2 year blog anniversary was on March 3rd and really wanted to see this idea through for an anniversary launch, no such luck. So here it is April 1st and it's time to get this out there instead of reformatting, tinkering and the like. I am doing a bit of a soft launch, putting it up there for you, my friends that check-in to try out first. I am hoping that all of you catch my mistakes and give some great feedback, as you always do. I know there is a bit of updating to do and I have been working on a trickly little problem with secret codes. (if any of you have a bit of widget and coding knowledge I would love to ask for some help).

kidmade header

Allright, what are you waiting for go check it out.

I'll be back tomorrow with some more info and hopefully a little catch-up around here. I've been terrible about replying to comments and there are a few memes and awards I need to attend to.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Great idea Marytree! Love, Amy

Monster Librarian said...

Great idea. I am a children's maybe I can showcase some of the good stuff...? Thanks for your vision!

Anonymous said...

The Kidmade site is great. I love the thought that Annie and Maddie's project's will be enshrined on-line for them to view in 10, 20 years.

Love Dan