A Bag, A Blanket and a Bird


I have a friend in Oregon that just had a baby girl. She also has 2 boys and we keep in touch by email. (Alright, she sends pictures and I just enjoy them and send happy mental thoughts her way.) Well, I started out making a little blanket for Lucy, the baby girl.

I was completly inspired by this fabric. I don't know why but it reminded me of Erin in high school.

The blanket was so simple, fabric top, fleece bottom, sew, turn and edge stich. I had plenty of fabric left so I thought a little mommy gift was in order so I turned the blanket into a gift pack with what I like to call a "2 diapers and some wipes" bag. It is reversible and I used a pattern from this book I think it came out alright but the quality of my craftmanship was not great.

(I am now offically attributing this to my sewing machine. It is not that old and has served me so well and I do love it, but,it was only $79 and I keep thinking that one of those $1000 machines must sew so much nicer......

I started the softie at 10:00 pm, when I finished the bag. I used a pattern from this Japanese craft book I got for my birthday. It was almost done by 11:00 when I had to call it quits, hence the unfinished face.

Overall, I am quite pleased with the little set and can't wait to send it off to Portland for Erin and Lucy. I will also include photos and notes covering the last year of silence.

This is what transpired 18" behind me while trying to get these pictures.

Yep, that's the big bag of cheese.

Happy Belated Birthday to my Brother Dan, it was fun being the same age for 9 days again.


Anonymous said...

That's alot of chesse hon. You seem calmer in the blog than when you told me about this