Snow in March


Sunday it snowed. It was such a nice slow snow. Everything was covered in white and it looked beautiful It was great because we had nowhere to be. I didn't make it outside with the girls until today. It's a good thing we did because it is now raining and the snow will be gone by tomorrow. It seems Mother Nature knows tomorrow is spring.

Here are some pics of the girls in the snow.

The top picture is from our walk by the pond. I love bundling the girls up and taking a walk through the snow. I did it more when it was just annie. Now they fight and take a long time to bundle.

Before kids, Autumn and I would head to the forest preserve on cold snowy days and I would enjoy the solitude and quiet, Autumn would leap through the snow like a deer. I have this big ugly down parka aka BIG UGLY that would keep me so warm. I would fasten the hood and not be able to hear anything but my own breathing.
Now, I bundle up the kids, snacks, blankets, hats and mittens (that will not get worn) and trudge around the block and the only thing I hear is "Mommy, can we go home" and truthfully I love it. Some day I'll be all alone at the forest preserve again wondering when annie and madison are going to have babies so I can trudge around the block with them.
This may have been our last snowy venture of the year. Madison is at the age where she can't quite manage in boots and snow pants, next year she will be off and running.
A little craft stuff tomorrow. And soon creating with the kids....