What to do when a play date gets cancelled?


Last week we had a play date/meeting that was cancelled. Annie was quite upset so I tried to cheer her up by bringing out the swimming pool and filling it with rice, pots and pans, spoons, etc. We usually do this in a big tub on a sheet, but I was not in the mood to clean it up. I used the pool figuring it would be plenty big for keeping the rice contained.
Oh, silly mommy. It was a mess but the girls had a great time.

I love the action in the picture. This is one of the girls favorite things to do. We miss our sandbox in the winter and Madison is really into pouring everything out right now. Her recent adventures have included squeezing toothpaste down the toliet, new bottles of shampoo all over the step stool, cereal, cereal,and more cereal (the dog won't even eat it anymore), unrolling paper towels, etc.
We are definitly in need of a warm up here. Spring where are you?????