Favorite Cook Books


I checked out amy at Angry Chicken and she was asking about favorite cookbooks. So I thought I would share mine.

The first one is the cookbook that was put together (thanks Colleen) for my sister Katie's wedding shower. Everyone sent in their favorite recipes, some old family ones and others favs from their homes. Each guest at the shower got a copy as the favor. I keep it out all the time to remind me of all the memories of family and food.

The second book is the Joy of Cooking. It was the first cookbook I ever recieved and was a gift from my dad. I don't use it for the recipes but more for a reference or starting point for my own creations. One day I hope to pass it on to my girls.

The cookbook I use the most often is really a magazine.
Everyday Food from MS. I love,love,love this magazine. It's like having a cookbook that adds a new chapter each month.

I usually pull all of them out and flip through while planning my weekly meals. There are always new things for me to try and great takes on traditional meals like tacos and meatloaf. In the all the dishes I have cooked from these there have been very few misses. Each month has a section on something in season, great for the farmers market, and the "weekend" meal always has great sides and desserts.

Happy Belated Birthday to Danny and Happy Birthday to Mike.

Happy Cooking this week.