Corners of My Home


This is a little deal to record the corners of my home. As I was lurking around at some blogs, I kept seeing posts about the corners of peoples homes. I love the idea of recording those places or moments in our home that are meaningful. If you would like to see more go here.

This is Annie's little corner. I love this spot in our home. No matter how dreary it is outside it is always bright and cheerful in there. One of my favorite times of the day is naptime. For the obvious napping reason, but also because I lay with annie and read her books. She always listens and loves to have a chat about the day or other things on her mind. If she is in the mood I lay with her until she falls asleep. I love being able to listen to her sleep again, as I did when she was a baby. I had to get this corner in now because my baby has decided that she no longer wants her bed in this corner and it needs to move "to the middle of the room". Darn her having an opinion of her own.